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Violet Wilson

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I'm Violet, a young graphic designer based in London focusing on sustainable design. I’m a conceptually driven thinker who is passionate about designing for purpose, and in particular how graphic design can be used to inform and educate on sustainability.

Throughout my time studying Graphic Design over the past six years, as a student and through freelance work, I’ve realised how much of an importance design and creativity has within our society. Graphic Design is a social activity, and by its broadcasting nature, it influences lots of people. With this, comes a responsibility, and for a while now my passion has been to infuse my design projects with actions that help mitigate the climate crisis from further damage to the planet and the people. To reference my findings from my dissertation, I truly believe that if we transition from designing for consumerism to designing for sustainability, and, if sustainability is at the heart of design, then design could become an integral part of the solution to the survival of our planet.

Swap Something Sunday: A film to promote a platform for clothes switching at university, to help slow down the rate of fast fashion.

Savour the Hours:  An advertisement piece to express the importance of eating together with your household.
Green Tape Agency: I co-founded Green Tape (@greentape_) in 2019 to make sustainable design work in Edinburgh.

That’s Graphic Design Workshop: A workshop led by us at Green Tape to teach 14-17-year olds about Graphic Design.

Please visit my website at  for more information and more work! I’m also selling some of my work on my website shop! For daily updates on my practice and
work, my Instagram is @violetgw. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the wonderful work put together by the Alt-D team.




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