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Sofia Hallström

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Through my artistic practice I seek to map the self. The need to create maps -- to situate ourselves and make our space legible -- is an essential impulse. My work incorporates elements of autobiography, anthropology, and map-making. I often work with found materials, which I manipulate beyond their original form and function, imbuing them with a personal and historical narrativity.

In my practice, I look to the connections between memory and map-making. Indeed, thesetwo themes were explicitly linked in Renaissance cartography, where the presentation of space was often mnemonic and rhetorical, rather than straightforwardly ‘scientific'. Map-making is a form of
creative practice -- tracing journeys over time.  In this respect, I have been strongly influenced by the work of Frances Yates’ The Art of Memory and Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas. In his introduction to his Mnemosyne Atlas, Aby Warburg explains how he had set out to create a
cartography of “ motion”. The Atlas is figured as an inventory -- an embodiment of movements through and within; a distillation of the “dynamics of exchange of expressive values”. My most recent body of work strives to achieve something similar. I seek to reconfigure patterns and processes, in order to question whether an object or a painting can function as a window to the past, or a layer through which we can have an insight into ourselves.

Awards: Creative Bridge Accelerator Tech Cube 2020, RSA New Contemporaries 2021




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