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Meredith Mack

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My practice is textile based, and I explore ideas around trauma, healing, and collective feminist expression. Making rugs by hand is a meticulous process that mimics the imperfect and aspirational course that trauma recovery does, so my installations seek to expose the skeleton of process behind the pristine skin that is the finished rugs. My research around cognitive Behavioural Therapy, workshops with women and Non-Binary survivors of trauma, and my own lived experiences as a woman, who has fallen victim to gendered abuse, has helped shape the physical languages of colour, spacing and materials used in my installations. The workshops I held were a means of weaving together collective narratives from our various experiences of trauma, and finding comfort and solidarity in this discourse. Whilst these workshops informed the very fabric of the work I was making, the end installations often held a elegaic sense of isolation. The absence of the human form in certainly distressed spaces, became an unintentional communicator of a trauma that went beyond the insight into process and colour. I chose to display the tools used to make these textiles as a violent punctuation to the otherwise soft spaces, and as symbols of macho intervention in traditionally feminised crafts. These works are not complete, and are certainly not meant to be viewed on a two-dimensional screen, so I am faced with the disadvantage of asking you to imagine the space this work would have inhabited in an in-person degree show. I wished to display a final installation within a circular curtained space, with a very specific set of theatrical lighting. The Images I have chosen to display are an insight into what could have been, and as a keen emerging curator, I will be putting together an exhibition of some of the ECA grads once Covid restrictions have lifted. This work will live beyond this screen.




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