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Jess Townley Hume

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In my work I am fascinated with marrying geometric forms with our perceptions of space and the cosmos, driven by my practice of making playful, brightly coloured kinetic sculptures and spatial installations in an intuitive creative process. I find it is important to embrace a childlike wonder in the way we see things as it allows us as an audience to enjoy the simplicity of the visual stimuli of the things we see, allowing our imagination to drift and draw its own connections between what we see and how we relate objects as constellations of imagery.

I incorporate this ethos in constructing my kaleidoscopic constellations; exploring celestial matter and the impressions they create - playing with light, colour and the balance of fluidity/rigidity of the forms. To trigger association between my material and subject I work with repetitive associative forms. I learn through repetition, and so by using recurring forms in my work I can work through an idea or a concept; just as children we are shown picture cards over and over until we can name the shapes.

I engage with ways of seeing and viewing perspectives in relation to the stars, whilst maintaining an element of chance in the physical generation of my work. In my work I explore the visual language of astronomy, investigating perceived vs real matter; I seek to challenge the pre-existing ideas of stars as distant, static, monochromatic objects through my vibrant, tangible evolving organic body of work of “celestial detritus”. To gaze up at my spinning, chaotic neon ensembles is designed to bring thoughts of kaleidoscopes and glow-in- the-dark ceiling stickers from childhood, reminding the audience of an age where the world appeared so big and wonder and joy was brought from simple fascinations of the natural world.




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