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Ida Zandén

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My artistic practice is commonly depicting a diverse range of entangled bodies that embody the narratives of interconnectivity and multi-species practices. I'm interested in the relationships and intersections of human and non human lives, what cultures, technologies, materials, histories and realities we co-create. The subject of symbiosis has been an important aspect providing a certain hybridity to my sculptures, as I find that it describes and depicts a kind of formation and organisation of bodies creating a type of 'mega-being' and existing.

Experimentation is crucial to my creative process as I want to liberate myself from my own static understandings and agreed upon reality, to hopefully end up with new forms of 'truth'. Hybridity, surrealism and a sense of unruly, sometimes hyperbolic, form-language provides me guidance throughout as I find that these describes another social and intellectual reality and freedom.




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