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Róisín Gallagher

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It is ma aim ae git fowk mair comfortable an acquainted wi Scots an through ma airt practice ah address the toat self-hatred weh huv taewards the wiy thit weh talk. Ma work explores n supports the
recognition eh Scots is a leid an hopes tae address damage done beh scuile systums thit broat up the generations afore ma ain.


The Scots leid hus been discouraged fae bein spoken fir the past three hunner year since its definition is a “provincial dialect”, oaften described is “Bad English” beh means eh implyin thit the speaker is eh a lower cless. Scots speakurs therefore ur dissuaded fae yasin the leid thit pliys an important pairt in expressin thur cultural belongin an sense eh place. Leid is an integral pairt eh wha weh ur and hoo weh unnerstaun wan anither, the connection a person hus tae thur leid an hoo thiy form thur wirds n sentences is a core pairt ae wha thiy ur. Whin phrases n wirds yased in dayehday life ur reduced tae “slang” an speakurs encouraged tae “talk properly”, these rich an emotive wirds ur excluded fae the vernacular, the speakur loases a pairt eh thur cultural idenitae n the wirds loast tae history.
Ma work is an airtist seeks tae chiynge the wiy thit weh hink aboot Scots n gee it deserverd recognition is a leid n suhin much mare thin a dialect or slang.


Jane Gregg

9/4/2020, 7:55:05 AM

I really enjoyed this. Control via lack of respect for regional spoken language has always interested me. It is a sad loss.


8/13/2020, 1:40:29 PM

I love this! Works so simply and so well.

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