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This Is Tomorrow Calling (Wishing You Were Here)

The members of Alt_D are thrilled to have partnered with Zembla to realise our first physical show, THIS IS TOMORROW CALLING (Wishing you were here), which includes the work by 68 graduates from a variety of specialisms.

It has been a pleasure to work with Zembla, who understood that at the centre of our project was a desire to create a platform that is democratic, celebrating all of our graduates with an equal footing. Deciding against a selection based physical show, we chose to occupy the space with high quality poster reproductions instead, allowing more of our member to be featured. Manifesting our motive as a DIY, grassroots organisation, the show exists of paper, allowing the curation to become more flexible, dynamic and playful. Organised through visual links and patterns, the strict divisions between disciplines are removed, bringing about interesting groupings and new ways of considering the works on display, which may not be integrated otherwise. This way of visualising work also responds to the lack of physical access to space and facilities many graduates have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In our show, it was important that all artists could participate no matter where they were or what stage their work was at upon the closure of art schools, be it finished work or work in progress. This exhibition represents Alt_D’s ethos fully. We built this platform through sheer determination as students to do justice for our hard work and ultimately celebrate the talent of our graduating cohort.

To view our exhibition in a virtual format (created by the talented Jody Mulvey), please click the link:

To compliment the exhibition, we are producing a zine featuring the 68 graduates on show. This publication draws a picture of the show no matter where you are, explaining our origins, curatorial aims and exhibition documentation. Any profits will be used to fundraise for the future of our alumni collective, allowing us to plan future events and creative opportunities for the class of 2020. (This publication is kindly supported by Zembla, ExWhyZed and Embassy Gallery)

Written by: Amber Brown and Jody Mulvey

(Edited by: Emily Seville)

Photographs Credits: Louise Burns

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