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Valerie Ostroumova

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As an artist, my main aim is to make people question what it is that they are looking at rather than accepting aesthetic nature. The feeling of disquiet is one I work with often, as the material side of my work is engaged with ideas of the strange and somewhat alarming. I work through the medium of photography and installation to make visceral experiences from which the viewer emerges with an understanding of my chosen topic. In this case this is the gaze, more specifically the spectatorial gaze that is an exchange between artist, art and viewer.

The gaze is a concept that has been around for many years, in art, literature and the every day. While most of the time we do not feel as though we are directly affected by it, we are at most points in time subject to someone or something's gaze.

My work is an experience that resides within what is called the 'spectatorial space' - this is the line drawn between artwork and viewer. It starts out as a simple portrait of my eyes in a large image within which resides a monitoring device that registers the viewer. It evolves into an abstract view of what the artist is/sees. In the culmination of my work I am then placing the viewer into the space, which was previously seen as impenetrable, and allow them to become what they experience the work as.

'Inside the Between' is an invitation to be gazed upon. The space between engagement is no longer as prevalent as the viewer and their interaction with the piece, is the artwork itself. While few will know what others feel, the intention has always been the singular sentiment of the individual and that creation of uneasiness.




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