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Serina Ma

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My work aims to draw attention to human experiences through a combination of photography, installation and sculpture. By making a tangible and intimate space for the viewers, I aim to create environments that evoke emotion and personal reflection by playing on themes of childhood trauma, mental health and memory. I explore mental health from a personal viewpoint. By giving this often difficult theme a material form through the use of installation, I can take control over it and transform it into a playful, calm atmosphere which discusses the act of healing. My research revolves around feminist self-portrait photographers, large scale installation artists, and colour theories. Influenced by the works from people such as Francesca Woodman, Nan Goldin, Robert Therian, Olafur Eliasson and Liz West. Throughout my staged photographs, I developed a visual language to explore these topics by using self-portraiture and props to portray the action of hiding away. The images deliver a story of a girl seeking a way to heal from childhood trauma, which has ever-lasting effects on her own mental health to this day. A fort – similar to that which we often create and hide in when scared at a young age – is created from a chair covered in white bedsheets, forming a secluded and cosy room underneath the base of the chair which the viewers can walk through. Aqua blue coloured light is shone inside the chair fort, evoking a feeling of serenity. Self-portraits are projected on the back sheet to represent the autobiographical narrative that fuels my work. All together, it makes up an environment that talks about a message of hiding away and seeking healing.




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