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Lucy Fradley

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Identity can come from all aspects of our lives and can be altered depending on who is observing. But how often do we reflect on ourselves? I created a series of pieces processing how relationships, objects and spaces can help us observe our own identity. I turned the lens on myself to create performative pieces in order to navigate my new personal circumstances, thus creating an inner dialogue, and a visual diary of my perspective after I was diagnosed with dyslexia in December 2019.

My recent work is more abstract; I playfully stage a performance for the camera to guide the individual, whilst also leaving the work open- ended for the viewer’s interpretation. This allowed me the opportunity to create a visual reflection of my confidence and explore how my self-view had shifted. I created multiple, partial and interrupted views of myself; to capture the way we all see differently, and we are each individually complex. By building layered scenes and performing, I created a way of translating how segments in this broken-up manner reflect how I look at text and processing information. This is giving the viewer an opportunity to reflect a fragmented, more confusing view of the world. I force viewers to look deeper than just the surface of an image.

Although my work is created in my own self-reflection, it was also designed for others to take the same journey, targeting those looking to examine and challenge their own perceptions of who they are and those prepared to reflect their own personal journey closely.




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