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Keris Heading

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Over the past number of years, Keris’ work has become fascinated with the digital and online world. Combining photography with a strong emphasis on editing, she employs bright colours, layering, and digital compositions to create these luminous (and sometimes tacky) digital spaces that seem tangible, yet simultaneously artificial. Bouncing between, and merging areas such as still life, fashion, and graphics, her works tend to bare this kitsch playfulness, lightheartedly commenting on various elements of a modern digital society.

This particular work focuses heavily on social media and Internet Art. By turning emojis into these real world objects, and in turn through editing back into their digital flattened objects, this piece explores the new kinds of communication and semiotics that have emerged in wider society, stemming from a social media enthralled culture. The addition of GIFs subverts the idea of art exclusive to galleries; encouraging inclusivity and accessibility, enabling the viewer to transport and share the work with ease (while hopefully inducing a bit of a giggle from the emoji innuendos).

Keris describes her work as:
“For the short attention spans, the quickly bored and the easily amused. (Much like myself).”




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