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Beth Jamieson

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My current practice considers how people use Edinburgh green spaces, such as for exercise, as part of their daily commute, and for tourism. This lead me to consider my personal of these spaces for exercise and commuting, and what restrictions I enforce upon my usage, such as the time of day, how busy the spaces are, and what areas of the city they are in. As a young woman, I consider these restrictions for my own safety, and this lead me to investigate how other women who use these green spaces consider safety aspects for themselves. My personal use of the spaces for running compelled me to investigate other female runners, and speaking with multiple women who use the spaces for this purpose has both answered questions I had and raised further questions about the topic. I wanted to collect more data, so I designed and distributed a survey about running safety and sent it to Edinburgh University running society, as well as people I knew who go running within the city. It made me much more aware of what runners consider and don’t consider in regards to the safety of themselves as well as the spaces they are running in. Therefore, I chose to produce a photography project based on the potential risks involved in outdoor exercise. My photographs depict women who exercise within these spaces, and aim to include limitations they may experience, such as darkness, isolation, and risks associated with certain areas of the city. It is for these reasons that I chose to photograph the subjects alone as light diminished, depicting them using the space as it transitions into a potentially dangerous setting.




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