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Louis Lisle

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Cluttered, chaotic and broken - these are qualities that can make art exciting to me.

An unfinished, even ugly aesthetic presents itself as a more ambiguous, intriguing and open ended than perfectly resolved, ’finalised’ piece of work.

My work tends to have a deep-rooted relationship to materials and the physical action of making. This results in a series of encounters where I often merge between painting and sculptural practices. I often juxtapose the traditional use of building materials: such as plaster, concrete, tape & netting, with the use of mundane & low-tech materials: paper, canvas and papier Mache. This results in encounters where I have taken materials which have a very functional role and twisted them into something futile.

My recent work embodies an awkward aesthetic as I balance the creation of finished and unfinished forms and structures. Construction sites share this atmospheric– they are locations that physically represent the idea of shift and flux, of ‘non-places’ which are not fully functional. They underpin urban advancement, but are also ever changing and impermanent, serving as motifs which mirror how we experience and behave in an ever-changing physical world.

The ways in which materials are utilised to construct buildings present themselves as rich juxtapositions of incident and structure. This has led me to produce a series of paintings, drawings and objects that mimic the raw materiality of construction sites and create scenarios which are visually confusing and difficult to navigate through. It is this idea of claustrophobic confusion that lies at the heart of my work.




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