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Katelyn Grant

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My artwork entails transforming parts of vehicles that are consigned to a scrap heap into eye-catching and often garish re-workings of their primary purposes. This is done in the form of painting, using “craft” materials such as neon vinyl, glitter and other boldly coloured symbolism, showcasing both the necessity for glamour in vehicle representation, but also a distracting and brazen disrespectfulness to quietly dying objects. By removing them from this de-commissioned context, they almost find themselves to be in another life just through the movement of dying itself.

It also aims to critique personalisation of our transport and questions the value of everyday machines when facing the end of a functional life, as this melancholic iconicism and characterisation acts as a diary affixed to the surface of the vehicle, honing in on this shrine of selective beauty; one that sees past a car’s designated commission. They start to explore time, technological advancement, entropy, ceremony, popular culture and a poetic outlook on obsolescence in everyday life. They aim to highlight the world of car culture and approach to care, allowing space to reflect on material obsolescence. I have investigated the ecological effect of transport and ways that this is being worked on for the future to create healthier ways of travelling just as efficiently. The isolated pieces demonstrate the classic, iconic and old being juxtaposed with sleek, new and utile.




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