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George Williams

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My practice is rooted in a compulsive need to produce images. I’m constantly experimenting with media, finding an infinite joy in exploring the gestural and dynamic qualities of line, how forms interlock to create rhythm, and the various textures and viscosities of paint. I’m attracted to images that feel energetic, and a deftly drawn line that ‘dances’ across the canvas or page has become a signature move in my repertoire of processes. These lines used in conjunction with slower passages of thick paint and slippery washes form the fabric of the painting.

I aim to make work that at first glance is aesthetically pleasing by using traditional media such as oil paint, pastel and ink. The work subsequently revels in the spirit of a previous era, the bombastic visual playfulness of 19th and 20th century dance and music acting as the reference point for the pictorial worlds I create. These formal explorations have resulted in a variety of figurative motifs which have come to define my practice, bound up in the creation of fictional characters and alternate worlds for viewers to lose themselves in.

The citizens of my worlds drift through space in costumes inspired by Commedia dell’arte, ballet and the renaissance. They inhabit an alternate place and time where figures are consumed by the draperies they wear in a hypnotic dance as they perform to a script my hand has subconsciously drawn. By creating these images I offer the viewer a chance to leave behind their worries of current affairs, personal baggage and anxieties that face them in the 21st century. To instead be pulled into a space of pure rhythm and fantasy.




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