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Emily Seville

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Through my practice I explore the relationship and power dynamics between humans and the natural world, our connection to nature and how we situate ourselves on Earth, both physically and in the wider context of geological time. Using the concept of the Anthropocene to examine how our exploitative relationship with the natural world has rooted humanity within Earth’s geological history, I focus on ideas surrounding our intrinsic link to nature and the mark we are making upon it. Drawing from ideas of synthesis to integrate the artificial within the natural, I create forms that appear both familiar and alien. Responding practically to these themes through exploring materiality, a key medium in my practice is clay. Clay, as both an artistic material and natural matter, is an integral part of my practice in the way that it acts as a symbolic connection to the Earth. This idea of marks is seen within the emphasis on touch and action within my practice, especially in the physicality of working with clay, speaking of lasting mark I make and the temporality of my presence.




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