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Natasha Viosna Moody

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The gallery, a cathedral and a forest all share a specific sense of space that makes the viewer aware of themselves in relation to grander narratives. They may all be considered sacred spaces that evoke numinous (spiritual) feelings. Contemporary notions of numinosity and a personal human relationship to the natural environment are two main themes that underpin my practice.

Through a variety of media I explore the creation of sacred spaces. Drawing, painting, collage allow me to imagine different spaces that I then translate into immersive sculptural work. In my installations I play with sense of scale, direction of gaze, colour and light to provide the viewer with a refuge within which they can be still, quiet and contemplative. Driven by the tension between preservation and exploitation that makes up human relationship with the natural environment, I use industrial materials to reframe my surrounding landscape. Light plays an integral part in the creation of these spaces, referencing ideas of immateriality and transience. Tiny petals found on the forest floor mimic a triptych or stained glass window when projected through onto the walls of the gallery while drops of trapped golden sunlight draw the viewer’s eyes up to the sky inside
structures made from plastic netting.

I work within the legacy of early twentieth century artists whose interest in the esoteric and spiritual acted as a rejection against the dogma’s of orthodox western religions and increasing materialism. I believe a contemporary investigation of these themes is important in the current social and environmental climate. Through a process of collecting, re-framing and revering I explore contemporary notions of the sacred in relation to our relationship with the natural world.




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