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Natasha Karam

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My practice is based on my instinctive reactions to and documentation of what is around me, and on a desire to share my personal view of the world. I nourish myself from various elements; expressing them the way I see them without the parameters of logic or reason. These elements tend to inhabit the realms of the intersection between the human and the natural world, and generally the various journeys of beings that overlap in life. 

Photography is my usual starting point for a visual project but I also work with moving image, found objects and occasionally words and sounds. My projects often stem from finding recurring motifs in my archives of images. 

In a way, I am simply documenting my world as I walk through it with whatever tools I have in my hand. I see in my photographs a secret intimacy, as they all come from an inner world where each photograph is associated with a personal memory, but that intimacy exists ‘secretly’. What is visible is what is in front of the lens, whatever happens behind the lens is simply alluded to, and left to be imagined. 




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