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Michelle Wolodarsky

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My practice explores the tension between earnest expression and artificiality. I am interested in how sincerity is subject to becoming clichéd through the lens of performativity in relation to the process of art-making, investigating the stylisation of expression through gesture and the moving image. Through a prioritisation of playfulness, I look at the language in the moving image which has come to signify ‘sincerity’ to celebrate the seemingly opposite — Pop and Kitsch as inauthentic. I work with typology of pop and entertainment, taking it apart so as to detach these symbols from linear narrative and strip back meaning and emotional depth. This is also why I use the DIY aesthetic against itself, demonstrating along the way that the transparency inherent in this way working is not always synonymous with earnestness. Through techniques which de-establish illusionism, like direct eye contact with the camera or the use of poor quality footage from personal video-recording devises, I carry out exaggeration and gimmick to create this key contradiction within my works.




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