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Lorenzo Rangoni Robertson

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The way I see my artistic practice is a journey to a space, a world, where the human and the natural converge. The freedom that that liminal space allows is what I find captivating, motivating. 

Practical research is the legs that take me along the journey. Learning the physical boundaries of natural materials and spaces together with the limitations of my body allows me to concentrate on points of contact between the human and the natural. My body is an integral part of the artworks as it is the testing ground for the connection, a sketchbook for movements and interactions, a physical response to the materials and spaces that I have collected or created. 

External research sources help me consolidate my direction. Sometimes an exhibition, artist, film or story influences where I go next with my practice, sometimes I research to justify and consolidate what I have already chosen to do next. To be lost in a novel, a film, a tv show or an exhibition allows me to enter a space designed by another mind. This inspires me to create my own spaces, sculptures or characters. 

Drawing or planning in sketchbooks allows me to plan and foresee these specific combinations of mask, performance, sculpture or space. It allows for a particular narrative to be carried through a performance or sculpture, even though spontaneity emerges in reaction to the materials and the space. 

Throughout the journey there are occasional freeze-frames, moments that satisfyingly bring together elements of my investigations.




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