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Krisijonas Marcinkus

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As a composer in the early steps of his career, Kristijonas has already created numerous pieces with a unique compositional voice.

Having played the piano and flute from an early age, Kristijonas studied Music at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2020. In recent years he has focused on non-linear works - understanding music as the natural flow

of sound over time, rather than just notes in a bar. He is interested in how harmony forms as an organic part of the musical process rather than as an imposition by the composer. This is part of an attempt to disconnect the self of the composer and accept the music which forms naturally. 

Kristijonas is greatly interested in the human voice, creating various choral and sound pieces. In addition, Kristijonas has worked with many different forms of chamber music, orchestral works and electro-acoustic compositions.

He looks at how voices can unite through emotive power. Kristijonas has recently been commissioned by the Edinburgh University School of Medicine for a choral piece to be performed at the historic Greyfriar’s Kirk at a service to commemorate those who gave their bodies for scientific research (2020).

He has also created scores for short-films and theatre productions, often collaborating with artists in many different disciplines. 




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