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Isotta Page

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Isotta Page’s work explores ideas of social sculpture in the wake of digital and dematerialised forms of cultural production. Her practice engages with notions of craft and

artisanal making, material manipulation in the form of studio research and sculptural installation or assemblage. Reclaimed materials are often a source of inspiration for her, especially elements from heavy industry which she utilises as signifiers of modernity and time.

Central to her work is the subversion of antiquity and classical motifs, this is rooted in her upbringing in Italy, but also influenced by her experience of traditional fine arts

academia.Recently, she has directed her attention to deconstructing the staged experience of art as dictated by traditional museums through an engagement with social spaces, specifically urban heritage sites in Rome. 

In the wake of COVID-19, Isotta Page & Sofia Hallström formed Hella-sage Age, an artist collective born to explore the impact of systems, such as social memory and historical anthropology’s impact on issues shaping the current moment. Their art practice mostly takes the form of free-standing and suspended sculpture, photography and video. In this work they explore the overlapping boundaries of personal histories and social memory re-working historical modes of charting space and place. 

Hella-sage Age is also a  response to the need for systemic change in the art world. As students who have graduated during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sofia and Isotta have had time to deeply reflect on the failures of the traditional system intended to support and build the careers of young artists.


In this turbulent moment wherein physical access to studios, workshops, museums and galleries is impossible, Sofia and Isotta  have come together to support each other’s practices and promote transparency and storytelling in the arts through an upcoming podcast.


For more information please visit our instagram: @hella.sage.age and our website: .

Awards: Creative Bridge Accelerator, Code Base, 2020, RSA 194th Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, 2020, Baldwin Brown Travelling Scholarship, 2019

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