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Ipsa Dhariwal

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I designed a parody Stüssy tee and convinced peers and tutors the tee had sold on Depop, a market place app. I mimicked the type from the app to make it appear as if the
tee had gained attention through a reasonable amount of ‘likes’ and had ‘sold’. 
The front of the tee uses a genuine Stüssy advert from the late 1980s. I replaced the original copy in the speech bubble to read ‘never trust fakes’, to hint at this being a counterfeit tee along. On the back of the tee I transformed the s’ to t’s in the iconic Stüssy logo to form a derogatory word; this has also been applied in replacement of the original logo on the front of the tee.  For the centre of the tee, I merged the brands 8 Ball symbol and their S/Double logo to create a novel icon. This is followed by the phrase ‘not your luck’ which again hints at this being a counterfeit tee.

The tee was created to demonstrate how easily typographic logos can be manipulated and warped to create a different meaning yet visually appear similar.

The fact peers were tricked into believing that it had sold highlights the stigma around streetwear consumerism
and the idea that streetwear fanatics will buy into anything appears to be unique to a brand.




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