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Mabel McCormick

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I am an intermedia student who’s work this year is expressed through both photography and displaying everyday objects, and has tackled a variety of themes throughout its development. At the beginning, I was initially distracted by ethical considerations, but whilst taking photographs in various museums, I saw that my interest lay more in methods of display. I became fascinated by how much context can influence the way a work is understood, and decided to experiment with this by displaying everyday objects in a formal manner. I then explored the aesthetic value these objects held, as well as placing them together in order to create a narrative. The constant photographing of glass cabinets resulted in my interest being drawn to the reflections I was seeing within them, and how photography can capture the reflections of myself and the surrounding environment. Lockdown strongly influenced my work, as I no longer had a formal context to display, and as a result, had to find inspiration in my own home. Throughout my project, an underlying theme was to capture this chapter of my life, and this certainly became a central focus when I went into self isolation. I used this to
my advantage by recording the everyday increasingly through a lens, testing compositions and experimenting with reflections. I was drawn to the significance that windows held during this pandemic, and used them as a canvas to capture my photography. In doing this, my images capture a variety of reflections of both the interior and exterior of my home, and combines them in a way that plays with visual reality.




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