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Beth Harle

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Within interior design, I interested in the way a space can alter the way we think and behave, and this had guided my graduate project; 'Wax Lyrical'; a day+nightclub. In the UK nightclubs are closing at an alarming rate. As the culture they bring, gentrifies an area, developers move in and club owners are faced with pressures to survive.

There has been little change in the design and function of a nightclub since the 1990’s. Since then there’s been a shift in attitudes to nightlife and a growing health trend, with greater focus of the harmful side of the clubbing culture.

I wanted to see if a venue could tackle the issues in the associated culture, without feeling regulated or restricted. The concept encourages people to dance and socialise safely, whilst reducing the risks to physical and mental health - which are increased with the use of recreational drugs and binge drinking. Further, aiming to widen the demographic of a nightclub with alternative spaces, and making more people feel comfortable.




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