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Kat Cass

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I am a digital illustrator currently based in North-West London. I enjoy telling stories that raise questions, spark conversations and open up safe spaces to discuss a range of social topics. For the majority of my final year at ECA, my goal was to explore how I could use visual language as a tool to educate, empower and eradicate stigma, with a particular focus on changing cultural perceptions of menstruation in the UK.

I aimed to achieve this in two ways. The first was to explore prevalent ideologies and current events surrounding menstrual activism. This manifested as a series of prints, zines and short visual narratives that tackled various aspects of the taboo. I really enjoyed working to tight self-initiated deadlines and figuring out how to utilise popular culture and different styles to educate and empower. I have been happy to see my images prompt important conversations both amongst my peers and via social media.

The other way in which I achieved this was a graphic novel project in which lycanthropy functions as a metaphor for adolescence. This has allowed me to explore the social stigmas and ridiculous taboos young people face every day (including but not limited to periods, puberty, body hair, dysmorphia, sex, and pleasure), highlighting them further through the Fantasy-Horror genre. I have drawn from my own observations and experiences in order to transform mundanity into terror. Whilst still very much a work in progress, I enjoy sharing my developed work with my audience, asking about their personal experiences to make the work more widely relatable.

I also completed a range of other collaborative, editorial, and exhibition projects that you can see on my website! I am looking forward to continuing to construct visual narratives and working on projects that aim to educate and empower.




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