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Hollie Joiner

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My illustrative practise is focused mostly on creating dynamic compositions, for visualising factual and historical narratives. In particular I value elements realism and intricate detail within my illustrations, alongside whimsical and emotional imagery. This year I have balanced a range of long and short projects, focusing on editorial illustrations for The Student Newspaper and Authorial illustrations influenced by my passion for history.

Through my illustrations I aspire to tell the stories of forgotten individuals, who played small roles in influencing the world we experience today. This year my main projects have been based around female botanists who were historically uncredited until recent years. In particular I focused on the stories of Amelia Griffiths, Lady Dalhousie and Isobel Wylie Hutchison. These women were prominent plant collectors for the Herbarium at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens years, who were forgotten due to the social constraints of their eras.

Initially I developed their stories into three small info zines and a series of decorative portrait prints. However, after in-depth research I decided Isobel Wylie Hutchison’s story had the potential to be developed into a non-fiction picture book to showcase her incredible artic adventures for younger generations. Therefore, is an ongoing project I am actively pursuing.




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