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Geraldine Sawyer

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I am an illustrator interested in communities and social environments. My work features dancing figures, eclectic and dynamic sharp shapes and textures with brightening and often uncomfortable colour themes. I draw my inspiration from everywhere. My colour palettes, texture, characters and composition rely on historical research into different groups and organisations within dance. I want to celebrate dance as a historical movement by the people, for the people. A lot of the companies and clients I work with are editorial, branding and advertising businesses. My aim throughout my work has been to provide people with visual aids to develop large- or small-scale communities. I have done so by working with projects such as Miss World, a small all-female DJ collective with a niche market and responding to companies such as Boiler Room with mock-up poster designs for merchandise. The aim of my work is evident in my final project CLUBLAND. Community projects and events have always been an integral part in how dance styles have formed. I wanted my work to be this binding factor by making you want to get up and dance. A place to twerk, pop, lock, twist, groove and move.




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