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Jody Mulvey

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The hierarchical structuring of institutional spaces within the arts and the rituals visitors are required to enact within them, provide the stimulus for my work. I explore this by utilising colour, shape and materiality as a medium to subvert the seriousness of institutional spaces and playfully reconstruct them through my interventions. Drawing, collage and the making of maquettes provide the preliminary means of envisaging potential encounters between visitors, my artwork and the environment in which they are situated. I view these modes of exploration as an artistic playground where I am able to mishmash and meld components together to construct a composition. Drawing is like writing to me due to the fluid and impulsive nature of the mark-making. It is like my subconscious rambling and scrolling of the mind and how I make sense of spatial sensations and the relationship between forms in two-dimensional surfaces; preliminary processes of two dimensional enquiry are a vital prelude to collaging within the three-dimensional realm. I achieve this through translating my drawings into small-scale models and maquettes, which aim to explore how my work can directly engage with architectural spaces. Through this process of translating propositional modes of investigation from two-dimension to three-dimension, I then scale-up the models to conceive immersive installations or architectural interventions to ultimately seek confrontation and playful disruption of the dynamical barriers experienced within institutional spaces.





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