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Leah Holmes

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Based around the idea of ‘Eclecticism’, my collection aims to allow individuals to dress diversely, being authentically individual and true to themselves. Exploring the chaotic energy created through protest, where a diverse group of people come together for a common interest. Exploring beliefs in something we can’t find factual evidence on, through practices such as reading tarot cards and allowing fate to take its course. It makes me question, what would happen if we left the climate crisis to fate. My collection will focus on sustainability through use of materials and also practice led research through the protests of the climate rebellion and the connection being created between humanity and the environment. I am Further exploring sustainability through the need for perfection in every aspect of our lives. Why is it that supermarkets only accept ‘perfect’ looking fruit and vegetables, creating tonnes of food waste every year? Using these ‘wonky rejections I aim to create prints which tell the story of my concept and highlight the issues within
today's world in a positive and uplifting manner. The strive for perfection highlights issues in today's society, and creates struggles to fit in when it comes to fashion, highly present in movies such as clueless, and mean girls, where characters are classified into sub-genres and cliques, putting pressure on true authenticity from a
young age. My collection will aim to push away from those ‘rules’ and allow fluidity of choice to cater to the individual, Creating a collection which crosses genres of styles and plays with the idea of juxtaposition through colour and silhouette to create a collection full of longevity that is interchangeable for anyone. I aim to celebrate diversity, individuality and sustainability throughout my collection and bring joy to my consumers through a playful, yet functional, multipurpose collection.

Awards: Edinburgh St James Creative Commerce Award for Fashion 2020




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