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Hermione Read

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After intensively researching my local area of London and the social issues occurring there from false regeneration schemes to gentrification, followed by interviewing local workers from a butcher to fabric shop owners, I was saddened by the way the soul of the area was being stripped (an example being the construction of Westfield shopping centre, the consumerist monolith which shadows W12 and promised jobs for locals which it did not deliver). The multiculturalism that makes the area what it is being slowly infiltrated. This combined with sustainability being at the forefront of my process lead me to my concept, to re-inject fashion with soul and a history, that which is being eradicated in my area.

In light of this I sourced hundreds of second-hand/unwanted woollen garments which I deconstructed, felted, and patchworked into my uniform for a modern sustainable warrior, someone who wants to feel special and one-of-a-kind in what they wear. Having looked into the extraordinary history of the stripe, from a symbol of being a social outcast, to a criminal, I wanted to give a new positive meaning to this “anti-pattern” as a bold and rebellious thing. Showing your “true stripes” is at the heart of this collection, removing the façade fashion often generates, instead putting focus on colour, detail, “slow-fashion” and hand-craft.

Awards: Nominated for the Graduate Fashion Week 'Fashion Photography' award, Shortlisted for the 'Considered Fashion' Award




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