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Christopher Reid

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For my graduate collection I rooted myself in my imagined, darkened bedroom world of horror films, gothic romance novels and Courtney Love. I pulled in research which stemmed from the monster movies of Universal and Hammer Horror, my adolescent obsession with bands like Hole and The Runaways, and my Scottish hometown’s pageant of crowning one girl to be the “Marymass” queen, in honour of Mary Queen of Scots in a floral procession. With the amalgamation of these thematic touchpoints, I wanted the work to both act as a love letter to the women and films I grew up idolising and also a combative rejection of the psychosexual aspects of masculinity. I wanted to reject the binary presented in the imagery and embrace a representation which sat much more in the subversive notion of dichotomy and duality; I can be both the nightgown clad siren and the horrifying murderess of my constructed world.

Awards: Show Studio: Class of 2020 Shortlist, British Fashion Council: British
Library x Charles Jeffrey Finalist, ASOS Future Talent Award




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