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Evie Edwards

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The after of the happily ever after; continuing the ‘to be continued…’ with the underwhelming flop of the budget sequel and the brazen face of the spin-off. A feeling of coming-of-age endings, what nexts and once-upon-a-times, and the premonition of the child protégé’s burn out, adolescent struggle and inevitable fall from grace.

Contemporary cultural movement, style, and (augmented) reality. The latest in a long line of ‘post-’s, characterised by the pervasive familiarity of animation and cartoons, where human faces filter into thirsty dogs, glass slippers into Gucci trainers, and castles into clichés.

Hey, my name’s Evie. I’m a multidisciplinary artist who works across a variety of mediums that includes digital video, animation, sculpture, painting, text and print. I have a particular interest in the digital and its aesthetics which I often combine with imagery that’s associated with fairytales, cartoons and art history. Through this juxttaposition of digital
and analogue, I aim to convey a sense of both paradox and humour within my work, with the hope that it has the potential to intrigue, amuse and unsettle an audience.

The title of my degree show portfolio is ‘Post-Disney’, which is a term that I coined to describe the contemporary cultural pervasion of cartoons and animation. The artworks in ‘Post-Disney’ explore how popular elements of contemporary digital culture such as facial filters and augmented reality apps, cartoon our realities through a juxtaposition of the “real” and “digital”.

On this page, you will find a digital “fly-through” of my degree show. If you have any queries about my work or practice, please send me an email or message on Instagram. More examples of my work can be viewed via my website.

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