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Robbie di Vito

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"Arnside Studios was founded on the following core beliefs:

1 > Everyone needs some form of art in their life.

2 > Art as such does not physically exist and can therefore manifest itself in any form physical or otherwise.

3 > The individualistic culture surrounding the art world is fundamentally a bad thing. The fame of charismatic individuals all too often has a damaging effect on the minds of ambitious young people so we shouldn't be having it in art. Arnside Studios is an anti-dalinian movement (doing the opposite of Salvador Dali).

4 > The dysfunctional economy of the arts is all wrong and ought to be abandoned entirely. The idea of the full-time, non-craft-based "Artist" who is totally unaffected by the demands of commerce is essentially a myth. Fair enough if you see drawing or whichever as your trade but totally autonomous, free-of-all-bounds art is NOT A TRADE. That kind of creativity happens somewhere between craft and commerce and is rarely, if at all, limited by these things. If anything it arises from them and in any case it certainly doesn't exist in a vacuum...

5 > There is nothing wrong with art being commercialised now and again. It is a rational response to living in a capitalist system, a system which is as naturally occuring as a bird's nest or a waterfall. Artists should not pretend to be political theorists. "Contamination" of creative work can come from the work being isolated just as easily as it can come from the work being commercialised.

6 > People shouldn't worry about becoming 'Artists'. If you're ever going to be one then you already are one, you don't need to prove it you can just get on with whatever it is that you do."




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