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Jamie Watt

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Drawing on a darkly comedic, democratic and socially conscious ethos, my multidisciplinary practice, spanning sculpture, drawing, text and music, is an investigation into the evolution of power structures, cultural tribalism and the distortion of historic truth through myth and legend.

My work hinges on a dialogue with the past as I recontextualise/ reappropriate historical symbols and narratives, using the visual language of the past as a vehicle to explore contemporary notions surrounding class and nationality - with a particular focus on the more problematic facets of identity such as violence and exceptionalism. Combining the iconography of disparate times and epochs, drawing heavily from my native Scotland, my aim is to encourage fresh discourse regarding cultural identity while maintaining a conversation with history.

Informed by contemporary notions of Capitalist Realism, Neo-Medievalism and The Caledonian Antisyzygy [the duelling polarities within the Scottish psyche] my recent work attempts to articulate personal anxieties surrounding Now through the assemblage of a new visual language, whilst exploring the fractured nature of the Scottish cultural landscape and our collective memory.

Awards: 2020 Visual Arts Scotland Graduate Showcase, finalist 2019 The Cross Trust Grant 2019 Scottish International Education Trust Grant 2018 The Sir Richard Stapley Education Trust Grant 2018 Edinburgh College of Art UK/EU Scholarship 2018 Red Caravan Micro Residency, Forres, Scotland 2017 Museum of Loss & Renewal Artist Residency, Collemacchia, Italy 2017 RSA New Contemporaries, selected artist 2016 RSA John Kinross Scholarship, Florence, Italy.




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