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Freya Hodgkinson

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framing the landscape

When thinking of a sculpture park you naturally think about the landscape within which the galleries are set and so framing external spaces becomes a priority. Walls create conditioned spaces and these range between the external environment framed within a courtyard, to intermediary walkways and internal buildings. More so, by considering a building as an individual object it must achieve proportional clarity in isolation and then be enhanced by the compositional interplay, when arranged together.

founded in the material

An existing clearing stood where I chose to site the sculpture gallery, it had been a material loading site for the brick factory opposite. The buildings take reference from the physical massing of the factory as well as using its structural product; bricks.

In painting, colour is integral to the medium used and texture occurs through mark-making. In the built form, colour and texture are integral to a material and therefore remain primary to design.

painting as a method of thinking through architecture

Painting provides compositional clarity and colour theory. By flattening the volumes into their footprint, the walkway, courtyards, staircase, and buildings all become shapes on a surface. If there is dynamic cohesion on a flat surface, it will translate into the extruded forms.

Colour is incredibly important for the vibrancy of composition, and the shapes should more accurately be described as a framing of different colour zones. In essence therefore, colour provides the framework upon which a three-dimensional space grows.




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