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Constantina Antoniadou

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My project, "Harmony and Dissonance: From Growth to Richness through Music", challenges the current throwaway, consumerist and alienated culture and urges people to tune in to what makes them feel human. Through the piano upcycling and timber processing facilities, people can be educated about how objects seemingly in disrepair can be given a new life and through the music school and the performance facilities people can tune in to their intrinsic appreciation of music. The building in this way becomes a decentralised attraction node away from the city and promotes the notion of "Degrowth".

The pianos, an object once largely culturally relevant but now disposed of in abundance, are a physical embodiment of changing societal values. Their use as a building material in the music school is not only sustainable, but also symbolic. As more pianos are disposed of, the music school expands and grows. The site, previously a retail park, becomes a cultural center and upcycling station, making the local community flourish.

Utilising and reusing existing buildings and structure as much as possible, the project aims to be as sustainable as possible. Brick catalan vaults are used throughout the project expansion, training locals in new construction skills.




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