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Caroline Wells

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This project aims to link the town of Errol to its pre-industrial past, creating links between the historic core of the town, and its newly rewilded edge.  
The market place, compost facility, greenhouses and raised garden beds provide the town with a new form of agriculture that will allow the new wilderness to thrive and coexist with human activity.  
The conditions of North that this project takes into account are the strong sense of community that is fostered in a Northern, isolated town. The exposure to the elements, meteorological conditions that vary through seasons, and being surrounded by wilderness are all qualities that are daunting yet invigorating, like life up North. Throughout this project, environmental issues have been greatly considered as coming changes to climate threaten the aforementioned conditions which make the North so unique.  
Errol’s new food cooperative will bring the local population together to learn about and get involved in recycling food waste, using it to grow fruits and vegetables in a naturally pesticide and fertilizer free way, by using the natural nutrients present in compost, as well as studied crop rotations.  
Adjacent to this will be a new market place for the town as a whole, which would sell products made as a consequence of rewilding the town. This rewilding would be systematic, across Scotland as a whole, and intends to break up the spread of agricultural land, replacing it with increased connectivity between natural habitats, switching from an extractive economic model towards a more circular economy. 




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