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Alex Abadjieva

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I manifested my dissertation research into a housing scheme. The project articulated the complex post-war context of Cumbernauld New Town. The design and organisation of the housing referenced the existing housing typologies surrounding the site, in addition to modern and contemporary low-rise high-density housing models. Jørn Utzon’s Fredenborg terraces were the main point of reference in the design of the housing. The housing typologies would ensure a social mix within the scheme. Small terraced housing would be located to the north for the large proportion of lone residents in Cumbernauld, in addition to two accessible units and 9 larger homes provided to the south.

The concrete party walls of the housing reference the existing post-war context of Cumbernauld, but the timber cladding and CLT provide an organic aesthetic to the scheme. The party walls would be constructed with the use of recycled concrete from demolished Cumbernauld buildings with prefabricated steel formwork. Moreover, prefabricated CLT would further reduce construction time and costs in addition to providing a low embodied carbon structure.

The existing health centre on the site would be replaced with a smaller facility integrated within the scheme, with a community centre situated across the pedestrian street to encourage holistic healthcare. The planting within the main pedestrian street would provide domestic privacy as well as promoting recreation and enhancing the physical and mental wellbeing of residents and visitors. Over time, the pedestrian street would blossom into an enchanting walkway, reintroducing nature into the concrete new town of Cumbernauld.




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