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Amelia Wang

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My practice is informed by how personal and cultural identities are often moulded by family memories, and I am intrigued by the ways that stories can be brought to the present through solicitous, tangible means. With a British mother and Chinese father, I grew up
in the UK and China and am proud to be both British and Chinese; I hope that my dual perspective will continuously provide an idiosyncratic viewpoint, to create clothing that both compliments and challenges.


My graduate collection questions different modes of
fashion presentation: it has become a pathway for me actively cross and blur classical fashion display boundaries. I have brought light to the stories and experiences which have worked their way through
three generations of my family since the Chinese
Cultural Revolution, to create an exhibition of memory that visually coalesces the past with the contemporary.



8/14/2020, 11:12:37 AM

Such a beautiful collection xx

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