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Aisling Ward

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My practice is mainly concerned with memory, social class histories, gender and technology. With a focus on dance and gesture, I am interested in exploring the human body as a sight for political imposition, of memory and also as a ground for resistance. 

Combining a mixture of archival materials, choreographed dance routines, digital footage, text and rhythmic edits of sounds, I create multidisciplinary performances that often reference the social and political histories

surrounding industrial labour.

The narratives within my work draw upon certain collective human forces that have emerged through material culture, along with subtle references to personal, familial memories. This gesturing towards the past however is nota nostalgic endeavour, but instead attempts to utilise archival materials in

order to reimagine potentialities for the present, and to pave new ways for social change in the form of a creative, collective resistance.

Recent performances include an exploration of the history of industrial lace-making in my home town in Derbyshire. Through movement and dance, I began choreographing routines to the rhythms of machinery, which I recorded

within the last working lace factory. These dances are combined with video and sounds from popular culture, both as a way to engage with collective memories of audiences and also to create sensations of the cathartic and

releasing pleasure experienced through dance and music.

Awards: RSA NEW CONTEMPORARIES 2021, Degree Show Purchase Prize 2020, (AGB) Travel & Equipment Bursary 2020

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